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Punakha (the ancient capital) served as the capital of Bhutan from 1637 till 1907 and the 1st National Assembly was held here. Punakha is attached with some of the effective momentous of the history for the future events of the country and its known to be one of the most beautiful and significant region in the heart of the Bhutanese culture.

Punakha Dzong:
The dzong was built by zhabdrung ngawang nagyal in 1637 for the purpose of religious and administrative centre of the region. Not only the dual system in the country was introduced in 17th century but also in 1907 enthroned the first king of Bhutan, Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuk situated incredibly. The dzong has been damaged by sudden devastating fires and an earthquake but have been fully restored by the fourth king JIgme singye wangchuk. The coronation of all the kings takes place there in the hall called Kuenrey, one shall not miss the highest standards of woodworks and the beautifully built cantilever bridge which was recently renovated. The dzongs location which is in the junction of Phochu and mochu shall be another incredible scene for the visitors.

Khamsum Yuley Temple:
The most strategic and convenient temple built by the queen mother of the 5th king to bring universal peace in the world. Inner walls are painted with wonderful arts, Buddhists eminent teachers and deities of the country. None can study the stories on through frescoes and sculptures.

Chimi lhakang:
The divine madman Lam drukpa kinley who defined sex as a bodily form of charity has got many exciting tales associated to phallic symbol. With those stories a visit to the lhakang will be extremely exciting. His statue and great deeds are still painted on the walls. Many couples who asked for the children have been incredibly blessed with it after the visit there and now the tour to chimi lhakang is called as a fertility tour.

Talo Goenpa:
The temple would be a great place to take up a short trip and have a picnic lunch. A day tour to talo and and visiting the nobgang village on the way and joining the harvest of corn with the farmers in the summer will be adventures tour ever added by an opportunity to look at Himalayan bear.

Nalanda Buddhist College:
Chating up with monks in English adds the charm to visit the Buddhist College called dalayna by the locals. Monks there are excited to learn multi languages.visit to the Buddhiist College supplemented by the beautiful scene around will be awesome half day tour.

Chorten Nigpo:
Passing the several beautiful villages and walk to the chorten in the summer and autumn will be lovely, gardens filled with healthy green vegetables, plants, fruits and trees and repining of those in the autumn would be the adventurous.

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