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Paro Rinpung Dzong:
The Dzong was built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in 1646 called as the the “fortress of a heap of jewels”the dzong stands on the hill overlooking the paro town linked by namey zam, a beautiful cantilever bridge over the Pachhu.walking along the paved stone path ,welcomed by monks and hearing the stories behind great architectures and frescoes would be amazing for one to visit.

Ta Dzong:
In the year 1968 inagurated as the national museum of the country situated on the hill right above the Rinpung Dzong. It was a watch tower to protect intruders and war factions in the past and now houses captivating relics, artefacts, religious thankas, beautiful postage stamps, coins and handicrafts and other fascinating cultural and historical objects, tools and equipments.

Drugyal Dzong:
The Dzong built by zabdrung ngawang namgyal in 1646 to commemorate the victory over the Tibetan invasions but was largely destroyed by fire in 1951. No wonder one can have the visit to the the ruins of the dzong which would incredibly reveal you the tales of how Bhutanese eminent warriors have defended the invaders from north in 17th century.

Taktshang Monastery (the tigers nest):
Was built on the cave where Guru Rinpochhe is said to have meditated for three months in 8th century. Guru flew to this location from kenpajong in Tibet on the back of the tigress and subdued demon. After that he blessed the place in the form of eight manifestations performing meditations which made the place to be called as “tigers nest” your trip will be incomplete without climbing to the taktshang. Out of 13 caves Guru has meditated taktshang is the best known. One of the most incredible spot for the tourists, the monastery is situated on the edge of the mega cliff climbing up over the hills; it’s amazingly a “wow” factor for the hikers and visitors. One would appreciate to have Bhutanese relics or a monument hanging over the cliff attractively.

Kyechhu Lhakang:
Kyechhu means the reservoir of peace. This temple will draw you back to 07th century and its history. Dedicated to the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche there is a museum built aside the temple wher one can come across the photographs and artefacts of the Rinpochhe.

Dzongdrakha Temple:
Built above the cliff of Bondey town, no need of physical energy as needed in travelling to taktshang but ppeole called it the mini-Taktshang. It is also believed that one of the temples is built without any physical support to lift with the hope that the levitating monument doesn’t fly away.
Other temples are kila goenpa, dungtse lhakang and tachog lhakang

One of the greatest festivals in the country is 5 days paro tshechu. This religious celebration includes mask dances and other popular folk dances performed to reveal the Buddhist moral tales from different eminent composers and to commemorate the historical events. One could witness the people from all walks of life brings their family with various delicious food items to witness the tshechu which once in the year.

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