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Tibet to its north, Gasa is the most northern District adjoining Punakha, the region has extremely long and hard winters and short but beautiful summers. Gasa is the smallest populated district with just 3000 inhabitants who live their live on yaks and harvest of Yaktsagoenbub.

Gasa Dzong
The fortress served as a defending barrack in the 17th century. It was named after the region’s protecting deity Tashi Thongmon as Tashi Thongmon Dzong. The fortress is unique with a circular shape and three watch towers that are placed at strategic points. The beauty of the dzong is heightened during clear days with view of Mt. Gangboom. Time your trip there during the annual autumn festival.Laya village:
If you have a adventurous spirit, you shall take a three nights trek to Laya which is situated at an altitude of 3800m. One would be amazed with the unique culture and a very small national group of people who have survived in very small and isolated region. Snow Leopard trek or the grand Snowman Trek will converge through Laya. One should target to visit in the time of Owlay festival which happens once in three years and takin festival to experience the maximum cultural richness.

Lunana Village:
Most remote in Gasa District, one could experience the culture of Himalayan people residing amongst the movement of ice in the winter season. Until recently the nomads of the region live from yaks and sheep’s but few years back some of the medical herbs especially harvesting of Yasagoenbub (Cordyceps sinensis) has benefited them a lot and its now being their major source of income simultaneously preserving the nomadic culture.

Hot spring:
Gasa is famed for its numerous hot springs or Tshachus with renowned medicinal properties. The hot springs at the base of the Mochu river draws not just the locals but as well as Bhutanese from other parts of the country and tourists. Taking a hot dip in the Tshachus will be not just a wonderful experience but give you a healing experience.
Other sacred places: Gasa has aabout thirteen well known religious monuments that includes the Zabsel and Punakha Choetens, Throe Lhakang, Bumpa Lhakang and the ruins of the ancestral home of the 1st Deb Raja of Butan, Tenzin Drugyel.

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