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A valid passport, preferably with at least 06 months validity is essential. Visas cannot be obtained at Bhutanese embasis overseas, instead Visa clearance letter has to be processed through us. The visa will be approved by Tourism council of Bhutan on receipt of full tour payment including USD 40 visa fee which would take not more than 3 working days. Confirmation letter will be sent to you in advance and the original visas will be stamped on your passports after verifying the confirmation letter on arrival at the Airport. Do not forget to carry this copy along at all times.

The revised Visa fees effective from January 2013 are as follows:-

  • Single entry visa fee: – US$ 40
  • Double entry visa fee: – US$ 80
  • Triple entry visa fee: – US$ 120
  • Multiple entry visa fee: – US$ 200

Please send us the following information’s to [email protected]

Please confirm and print/send your details correctly:-

Your first, middle and last name:
Date of birth:
Your occupation:
Passport no. : ( PS: passport validity should be more than six months at the time of entering Bhutan)
Date of issue of the passport:
Date of expiry of the passport:
Permanent address:
A scanned copy of your passport:

The regulations are simple for Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals who require no visa for Bhutan. You will have to carry a valid passport with minimum of 6 months validity (Indian nationals can be accepted with their voters identity card also). You are advised to carry 3-4 copies of passport-size photographs and a photocopy of your passport or ID card because if any of your travelling documents is lost or stolen, you will have to travel stateless to a third country to have it replaced and the copies will facilitate your passage.

Minimum visa extensions of 6 months can be issued in Thimphu but this service is only available for expatriates working in Bhutan or long-term foreign residents. Tourists whose stay is unavoidably extended due to flight delays or landslides on the border roads will not have to apply for visa extension.

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