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Welcome to Bhutan, The land of happiness. Bhutan is situated between two vast developing countries in the world today, India and China. Bhutan today is the most destined travel destination for tourist due to its pristine nature, the cultural heritage and the adoption of its philosophy GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS.

Bhutan is developing at a faster rate but never the less its rich cultural and values are preserved at the same time. Bhutan’s architecture is unique and can be found richly displayed in fortress like religious and administrative centers called Dzongs and temples. Local time is six hours ahead of GMT and 30 minutes ahead of Indian standard time. Bhutan’s rich floral and fauna is one of the most exotic attractions in Bhutan. Uniquely gifted from throne to the people, Bhutan has the youngest democracy in the world.
Bhutanese people are often distinguished as the friendly and most heart-warming people by the tourist who travelled within Bhutan. Bhutanese men wear the Gho, a long gown belted at the waist, and women wear an ankle-length dress called the kira, which is mostly hand woven with rich traditional patterns. Our national language is Dzongkha, which is similar to Sanskrit, and our currency is Ngultrum, 1 Nu is par with 1 Indian currency. Archery is our national game, passed down from the forefathers time though people play different types of games including basketball, football, golf, etc.

Simply Bhutan, this is certain a country of remarkable natural beauty, where greener matters are at the forefront of everyday apprehensions where untouched forests extend from the Himalayan snow massifs of the north through the precipitous mid- mountain belt to the plantations and nature reserves of the southern plains. The dramatic changes in terrain and vertical climatic zones sustain a rich diversity of flora and fauna, characteristic of both central and south Asia.

Explore with us! Simply Bhutan

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